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What is DofE

DofE is a challenge for everyone between the ages of 14 and 24. This is a personal development program and you can complete it anywhere in the Czech Republic. It will take you one afternoon each week. Sounds good? Read on.

At DofE, the point is for each participant to engage in activities they enjoy. It is important to learn to achieve your goals and try something new. Graduates of the program obtain an internationally recognized certificate, which is suitable for resumes, but also for study abroad.

There are 1.3 million young people in the world who are completing the DofE program.

4500Počet účastníků
program participants
2500Počet oceněných mladých lidí
700Počet dobrovolných vedoucích
award leaders
200+ +Počet místních center
award units
years of tradition in
the Czech Republic
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  • find out where in your area you can begin with DofE
  • complete the program and get an international certificate
  • move, get better, help
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We want Run DofE.

  • the program is designed for all pupils and students aged 14 to 24
  • the program can be provided by primary and secondary schools, children's homes, leisure centers and other organizations
  • we operate in all regions
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DofE Program

supported by important Czech personalities

"I am very happy for this meaningful and conceptual project, which tries to bring young people closer to what today's times often take. So a relationship to nature, partnership, diligence, adventure and solidarity! ” Lejla Abbasová

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Jakub Vágner fisherman and traveler
Lejla Abbasová moderator
Marek Eben moderator

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