Have you always wanted to do something meaningful, but never found motivation?
Come reach your goals and join DofE!

What is DofE

DofE is a challenge for everyone between the age of 14 and 24, during which you’ll be motivated to work on yourself. Join us and choose a Skill, a Physical Recreation activity and Voluntary Service, that you will practice for an hour every week. And at the end, you can expect an Adventurous Journey with your friends.

I was afraid I would not be able to overcome my laziness and spend time on the activities regularly. Thanks to DofE, I held an exhibition of my photography and got the courage to travel to Nepal as a volunteer!

Eliška Majerová,
Silver Award holder

Number of participants
5000 +
participants in the programme annualy
Number of young people awarded980alumni from the year 2021
Number of voluntary Leaders1500mentors in the Czech Republic
Number of local centers300+DofE center
picture27years of tradition in
the Czech Republic

The DofE Award is supported by well-known Czech personalities

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„Jsou situace, které se zdají být nepřekonatelné, ale zrovna ty mi v životě daly nejvíce. I DofE inspiruje mladé lidi, aby šli za svými cíli a nevzdávali se.“

Kristina Němčková

Nejmladší vítězka MasterChef na světě


“DofE helps young people fulfill the goals that they have set and exceed the limits. It motivates even those that, under other circumstances, wouldn’t have enough motivation to fulfill their goals.”

Zdeněk Piškula



“In today’s world of unlimited possibilities, DofE helps young people to choose from them and practice it regularly.”

Marek Eben

Actor, TV host, composer, writer and singer.


“I appreciate that my brother and I can be the patrons of the DofE programme. The programme helps young people overcome their fear and worries of failing.”

Martina Ptáčková

Eight-time world champion in martial arts

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