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Do you want to take your DofE Award a step further? Become part of the prestigious DofE Alumni Club – a club of DofE Award holders connecting active young people from over 140 countries of the world.

Thanks to the Alumni Club, you will be able to get to know other DofE Award holders and the Czech National Office, meet successful people and take part in interesting events that are not open to just anyone. In the Alumni Club, you can use your skills and experience obtained during your DofE Award and contribute to further development of the DofE Award.

You can become an active member of the Alumni Club in one of the below roles or you can register as a passive member. This will ensure you will receive regular information on the Club (roughly four times a year), interesting offers for DofE Award Holders and an invitation to the yearly national meeting of the Alumni Club members.

In what roles can you take part?

DofE Ambassador

Would you like to represent the DofE Award in interesting events? Would you like to inspire other young people to join the Award? If you are a Gold Award holder, you can attend a free training of presentation skills that will prepare you for showing by your story that the DofE Award is a great experience.

DofE Adventurous Journey Assessor

If you are at least 18 years old and like the outdoors, you can become an Assessor of Adventurous Journeys. The Assessor assesses the activities of DofE participants during their Adventurous Journey and passes his or her experience to them. A free Adventurous Journey training of the DofE Award will prepare you for this role.

Volunteer in the Czech National Office of the Award

You can work for the Czech National Office of the DofE Award regularly or on a case-by-case basis, for example in the preparation of events including Award ceremonies, in promoting the Award or by helping with administrative tasks. In this way, you can meet the requirements of the Residential Project or Service sections of your DofE Award.

Volunteer in Award Unit

In this way you can stay in touch with the organisation in which you participated in the DofE Award or you can help another organisation in your community (for an up-to-date list of involved organisations go here). In this way, you can also meet the requirements of the Residential Project or Service sections of your DofE Award.

Volunteer for the DofE Alumni Club

If you want to take part in the development and activities of the Alumni Club, just contribute your ideas.

DofE Award Instructor or Assistant Instructor

In this role, you can help spread information about the DofE Award among other teachers and volunteers that may want to become DofE Award Leaders. For this, you have to be over 18 and undergo the required DofE training courses.

Who can become a member of the DofE Alumni Club?

  • Holders of the DofE Award of any level can become members of the DofE Alumni Club (certain events may be reserved for Gold Award holders)
  • If you are a DofE Award participant, in the Alumni Club you can meet the requirements of the Service section
  • You have to be at least 16 years old, but for certain roles the minimum required age is 18 (e.g. for Adventurous Journey Assessors)
  • Membership of the Club is for life, unless you cancel it

What are the advantages of being a DofE Alumni Club member?

  • You will take part in international events and get to know new friends from around the world
  • You will network with DofE Award Holders and other successful people
  • You will be able to take part in free training courses and exclusive events
  • You will gain valuable information on the running of a non-profit organisation, management of events, etc.
  • You will contribute to further development of the DofE Award and stay in touch with the Award

How to become a member?

Fill in the registration form here and the Alumni Club coordinator will get in touch with you.

If you have any questions, write to

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You too can help young people unreveal their potential and approach life with courage.

Stay up to date

The National Office of the DofE Award can send you monthly news.

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