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Online Record Book (ORB) - https://www.onlinerecordbook.org/

The ORB is a global system that replaces the current DofE mobile application. The big news is that ORB does not only work on phones through apps, it offers also  a web interface (https://www.onlinerecordbook.org/) where you can easily manage your DofE activities.

The transition to ORB from DofE apps?

Everyone who has already used the DofE mobile app will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up for a new system. All data from the DofE mobile application will be transferred to the new ORB system.

On what systems do the mobile application work?

The app currently works on Android and iOS. The application does not work nn Windows systems but you can use the ORB web interface without any problems within the system.

What if you do not own a smartphone?

If you do not own a smartphone, you can easily use the web interface (https://www.onlinerecordbook.org/).

Registration into the ORB system?


If you have already used the DofE mobile application, you will not register again. You will receive all the information by email.

If you are a brand new leader, you will use registration form which you can get from: https://www.onlinerecordbook.org/. The Award Unit Coordinator must approve your registration as well.


If they are already using DofE mobile applications, they will not register again. They will receive all the information by email.

New participants will use form from this website - https://www.onlinerecordbook.org/ .The Award Unit Coordinator must approve your registration as well.


Payments for individual levels have changed since this school year. This is due to the global chang different level payments. We tried to keep the fees at the lowest possible level. The new level fees are - Bronze 100 CZK, Silver 200 CZK, Gold 300 CZK. The fee applies only to new entrants at particular level.

Do you have any problems or questions?

For any questions or problems related to the application, do not hesitate to contact app@dofe.cz or  marketa.oudesova@dofe.cz ; +420 725 430 298.

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