Every successful DOFE graduate can attend the Ceremony and receive their DOFE certificate and a badge. The ceremony is also attended by patrons of the DOFE programme and other important guests.

You can see our Award Ceremonies in the Gallery or on our YouTube Channel.

You can watch the record of the first DofE online ceremony which was broadcast on the 16 th of December: ONLINE CEREMONY

Participation in the Award Ceremony is included in the participation fee, which is paid when enrolling in the DOFE programme, so there is no need to pay anything extra.

Bronze Award Ceremonies take place mostly in June andDecember in Prague, Brno and Ostrava. Each graduate  attends the ceremony depending onwhich region his particular Award centre is located in.

 Silver and Gold Award Ceremonies are held during autumn (usually October and November) in Prague.

Ceremony registration will always be posted on this website 5 weeks before the date of the ceremony.


In order to be able to participate in the Award Ceremony, it is essential that the graduate has completed all the records  in the participant application (Online Record Book) or in their DOFE paper  booklet. Without this, graduate is not allowed to attend an Award Ceremony or to receive the DOFE certificate and a badge.