Every successful DOFE graduate can attend the Ceremony and receive their DOFE certificate and a badge. The ceremony is also attended by patrons of the DOFE programme and other important guests.

You can see our Award Ceremonies in the Gallery or on our YouTube Channel.

The feeling when you complete your DofE level and verify that you can work on yourself and achieve your goals, whether for 3, 6 or 12 months. That feeling is priceless. In addition, we will reward each successful graduate with a certificate and badge for his efforts, so that he can praise his achievements in the future.

However, we do not want to send you the certificates only by e-mail, which is why every successful DofE graduate can take part in the ceremonial presentation of their certificate and badge. Participation is not mandatory, but we guarantee that it is unforgettable, in addition, you will have your certificates and badges with you forever, and not only in electronic form.

To participate in the ceremony, it is necessary to complete the given level in time, register everything in the ORB, register for the ceremony and then arrive in time. The ceremony is attended by DofE patrons and other important guests.

Attendance at the ceremony is included in the participation fee, which is paid upon registration in the DofE programme, so there is no need to pay anything extra.

Ceremonies 2021 move to Spring 2022

Dear leaders and coordinators, dear participants,

Due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation, after a joint discussion with most regions, we decided that the mass events are currently too large and an unnecessary risk for all involved, and the ceremony was cancelled by appointment.

However, do not despair!

As soon as possible, we will hold the ceremony for you and we believe that you will enjoy it, we have preliminarily arranged for the spring of 2022. We will specify the date for you.

We apologize for any inconvenience this rescheduling may have caused you and we regret not meeting you.

On the other hand, we think it is important to remain responsible not only to ourselves but also to others.

Those who have registered for the ceremony will be automatically included in the spring term, which we will let you know as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you good health!

DofE team

Ceremony - conditions
To participate in the ceremony, it is essential that the graduate has complete all records in the participant application (Online Record Book). Without it, it is not possible for a graduate to attend the ceremony and receive a certificate and badge of the Duke of Edinburgh's International award.

Once you have everything registered in the ORB, including approval by the National Centre, you will automatically receive an electronic certificate and badge in electronic form. If you are interested in attending the ceremony and physically receiving the certificate, do not hesitate to register for it. Everything you need to log in will arrive in an email (check for spam from time to time).

And how the ceremony go?

It is necessary to arrive at the ceremony on time and in formal clothes and arrangements, as every successful graduate will go to the podium.

Upon arrival, you will be seated according to the agenda, you will find your name on the chair and it is important that you do not exchange places with each other. After the start, the moderators will first welcome everyone, important guests will have speeches, and then it will be time for the most important thing, ie passing on to you, the successful graduates.

We will always ask the whole series to get up and go gradually from one side to the podium as soon as your name sounds. On the podium, you will shake hands first with one handler who will give you a certificate and then with another who will hand you a badge. Then you remain standing between the two transmitters and the photographer takes a picture of you. After the photo shoot, you leave the stage with the other side and return to your place. After the ceremony, there will be a joint photo shoot of all graduates.

We will be happy if you stay for refreshments after the ceremony and there will be an opportunity to talk informally with both DofE representatives and, for example, patrons.

We look forward to you!


Bronze-silver ceremonies at Spring 2022

The condition for participating in the bronze-silver ceremony is to have completed records in the ORB by October 31, 2021. This time we are following you, because the bronze-silver ceremonies are taking place in your region this year. We will save you a long journey around the Czech Republic and we will meet you on your home soil.

Ústecký kraj -Krajský úřad (Velký sál)

Středočeský kraj - Galerie Středočeského kraje (GASK)

Praha region - Staroměstká radnice (Brožíkův sál)

Praha - Staroměstká radnice (Brožíkův sál)

Královehradecký kraj - Krajský úřad (místnost Albrechta z Valdštejna)

Liberecký kraj - Severočeské muzeum 

Karlovarský kraj - První české gymnázium v Karlových Varech

Pardubický kraj - Krajský úřad (sál Jana Kašpara)

Moravskoslezský kraj - Krajský úřad (Místnost zastupitelstva kraje)

Plzeňský kraj - Středisko volného času Radovánek (Konfereční sál, 1.p)

Olomoucký kraj - SZŠ a VOŠz Emanuela Pöttinga v Olomouci

Jihočeský kraj - Krajský úřad (Sál zastupitelstva)

Jihomoravský kraj - Magistrát města Brna (Rytířský sál)

Zlínský kraj - Krajský úřad (Krajský sál)

Kraj Vysočina - Krajský úřad (Kongresový sál)


Golden ceremony
19.10.2021, 14:00 Kaiserstein Palace - Prague

You can watch the recording of the golden ceremony here: TN.cz: Duke of Edinburgh Awards


In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact ceremonie@dofe.cz. We are here for you!

We look forward to seeing you all offline this year, without the presence of screens or laptops. 😊

Your DofE team