DofE stories

  • Lukáš Kotlár

    Lukáš Kotlár

    I cannot imagine my life without music, sports and media. DofE enabled me to spend my time with all of this and to get an award for doing so. I come from a children’s home and DofE has become an integral part of my life – my special family that I live with since I was 14.

  • Markéta "Peggy" Marvanová

    Markéta "Peggy" Marvanová

    I am the cheerful Peggy and I constantly like to seek new adventures. Cycling is my huge passion and I like to overcome my fears and to help disabled people. Thanks to DofE I could connect these three passions of mine when I completed the longest off-road cycling race in the world called the Great Divide Tour (4418 km in total), which was the aim of my sports activity for the gold level DofE certificate.

  • Ivan Matéjic

    Ivan Matéjic

    Just a few years ago I was a typical grammar school students fulfilling his school tasks and not doing much more. I can’t even say I was hugely dissatisfied with it, only that since I had too much free time after school, so I was often bored. One day I decided to change and I said to myself “That was enough, I need to start doing something with myself”. Thanks to inspiration that came from my school I started the DofE challenge.

  • Lucie Leišová

    Lucie Leišová

    Water is my world, I cannot imagine my life without swimming, which I have been doing since I was 13. Once the swimming pool became too tight for me, I wanted to move further. Thanks to the support from DofE my dream came true and I could plunge into the wild waves of Gibraltar

  • Petr Kolařík

    Petr Kolařík

    When I was 16, I dreamt about studying at a British university. Thanks to DofE this dream came true and today I am walking through the corridors of the University of Southampton where I study three languages. Who would have guessed so few years ago? I come from a small village in Moravia and in my family no one has a degree from university, no anyone speaks any foreign languages. They all told me my dream was too big, but I would not listen. And so I started working on myself with the help of the DofE programme.

  • Dominika Kouřilová

    Dominika Kouřilová

    My name is Dominika and I have been completing the DofE since I was 14. Each of the activities I have done throughout those 4 years had special significance for me.

  • Roman Jordán

    Roman Jordán

    The alarm clock wakes me up without mercy and the everyday routine starts again. I go to school, where I sit for the day, and then go home after eating my lunch. At home I sit by my computer, only leaving it for the night to sleep. No friends, just this repetitive boring life. One day however changes this all; it was the day when our class teacher asked “who wants to join the DofE programme?”

  • Tereza Fojtíková

    Tereza Fojtíková

    When I joined the programme three years ago I had no idea about how much I could experience and achieve. What made me join? I always felt attracted by challenges, adventures and by overcoming my own fears. I always felt motivated to try something new and DofE seemed to offer an ideal opportunity for all of this.

  • Michal Zapletal

    Michal Zapletal

    Being active and involved in various activities is my idea of living. DofE supports that and that is the main reason why I decided to take part in completing the Award. I would not be able to live happily without sport, meeting new people and trying out new stuff. DofE allows me to keep track of what I do and enjoy it even more when being awarded.

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