Lucie Leišová

Lucie Leišová


Water is my world, I cannot imagine my life without swimming, which I have been doing since I was 13. Once the swimming pool became too tight for me, I wanted to move further. Thanks to the support from DofE my dream came true and I could plunge into the wild waves of Gibraltar

When I decided to swim across Gibraltar, I believed that I would succeed and thus fulfil my sports dream. Despite the conditions changing in the middle due to the weather and waves, I finally succeeded. I am proud to be one of the only four Czech women who managed to swim across Gibraltar. I achieved my goal on the first attempt, on the 5th July 2014. You can read more about my swimming performance here.

I believe that if you really want something and you give it your maximal effort, then everything can be achieved. DofE inspires young people to set ambitious goals and thus it helps them to push their boundaries. My summer 2015 which I spend doing other activities than swimming was a proof of this. I decided to support a good cause and with the support of DofE, Sport Pomáhá and Konto Bariéry, I launched a charity project called Vltava Tour 2015. The aim was to collect money for a hand bike for a wheelchair user Radek, whose energy and optimism is admirable. We also wanted to show that Czech society does care about disabled people and that it is totally worth it to support people like Radek. We managed to publically appreciate Radek’s extraordinary personal strength and commitment to return to regular life after polio paralysis. The money collection was held throughout the 10 days that I spent conquering the 180 km of Vltava river, swimming from České Budějovice to Praha. You can read more about the journey and money collection here.

I am now teaching swimming to both children and adults as part of the DofE programme. I am pleased to share my experience and my happiness from movement in water with them. I also work on my personal development, studying English as part of DofE and studying a degree in International Relations at the Charles University.

Sports challenges still have place in my life and I am really looking forward next summer, for when I set the challenge of swimming across the ice-cold La Manche Channel.

You can follow my next steps on my website


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