Lukáš Kotlár

Lukáš Kotlár


I cannot imagine my life without music, sports and media. DofE enabled me to spend my time with all of this and to get an award for doing so. I come from a children’s home and DofE has become an integral part of my life – my special family that I live with since I was 14.

For many people DofE is mainly about the expedition, while for me it is mostly about volunteering and helping others. I have been writing articles and editing the quarterly magazine Zámeček dedicated to children’s homes and other similar institutions for the last 5 years now. And in the last year I also became the editor in chief. I believe that an ordinary story can inspire people much more effectively that hundreds of hours of lectures and seminars. With the magazine we help children to find motivation and inspiration and we give them important information about their future lives. I perceive creating the magazine as a truly fulfilling activity with a deeper meaning, because I feel that what we do can help children from environments such like the one I come from.

Having motivation is very important for me and the reason I appreciate DofE is that they award my efforts. I am a proud holder of the bronze and silver awards and I have also finished the gold one. Thanks to participating in the programme, I had a chance to take part in an expedition to Romania, I met many interesting people and many new friends and overall I widened my horizons. I also had the very special opportunity to meet Her Royal Highness Sophie, the Countess of Wessex.

In DofE I realised that all that I do has value not only for other people, but also for myself. It is an amazing opportunity for teenagers from all different sorts of backgrounds, which is the best about DofE, that it represents a chance for everyone.

I am proud to promote the DofE programme in children’s homes both through the Zámeček magazine and also through my cooperation with the National Office.


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