Markéta "Peggy" Marvanová



I am the cheerful Peggy and I constantly like to seek new adventures. Cycling is my huge passion and I like to overcome my fears and to help disabled people. Thanks to DofE I could connect these three passions of mine when I completed the longest off-road cycling race in the world called the Great Divide Tour (4418 km in total), which was the aim of my sports activity for the gold level DofE certificate.

I want my sport performances to overcome my own limits and to help other people at the same time, following the model of my mentor Tim Voase, who is the Deputy of the British Ambassador in Czech Republic and a DofE patron.

I believe that DofE enables young people to approach their talent from the right angle and to show them the right way. In order to improve, I need the desire to manage and surprise myself, but most importantly a clearly stated goal. The Great Divide Tour was one of these clear goals and I finished it in 21 days, 9 hours and 10 minutes, as the only Czech and at the same time the very youngest participant. And it certainly wasn’t easy: I had to cross unsecured terrain and snowy mountains, I slept in forests and public toilets and I had to keep cool headed when meeting a bear.

I completed the Great Divide race not only to push my limits further, but also to collect money for a special electrical double bike for an 11-year-old girl Dája who suffers from myopathy. Being successful, together with sponsors we could have bought the special 75 000 CZK bike for Dája. The organizers, supporter of the money collection and sport fans all met in Hřebeč u Kladna on the 28th October. The ceremonial baptizing and hand over of the bicycle was supervised by my mentor Tim Voase, who is a DofE patron and the Deputy of the British Ambassador in Czech Republic, together with the organizers and patrons of Peggy: Sport Pomáhá, Černí Koně and DofE. After Dája and her mum were handed the special double-bike, we all went for the first ride, which was really full of happiness for all of us, despite the weather. You can check the pictures at the DofE website here. 

Being actively involved in DofE does not only represent cycling for me. I also distantly study at a university, I train small girls in sports gymnastics and I teach them to love sport as a beautiful thing, not as a means of competition. I visit assistance events with wheel chair users and I also help as a personal assistant.

With the support from the DofE I learn English with my mentor Tim and I dedicate my time to what I enjoy. There is however never enough challenges, so in January 2016 I am going to go above the polar circle to Lapland, where I will aim to complete the Lapland Extreme Challenge on snow bikes.

This next time I will again be motivated by wanting to fulfil someone’s dreams.

Follow my journey on the DofE web and FB.


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