Tereza Fojtíková

Tereza Fojtíková


When I joined the programme three years ago I had no idea about how much I could experience and achieve. What made me join? I always felt attracted by challenges, adventures and by overcoming my own fears. I always felt motivated to try something new and DofE seemed to offer an ideal opportunity for all of this.

As part of the bronze level certificate, I played floorball, practiced writing for a journal and helped with the Walkthrough Gallery project, which enables young artists to display their pieces publically. These activities motivated me to go further and to complete the next level of the award.

I joined Scouts, where I took the role of a team leader and I helped to create activities for children. My sport activity for DofE appeared unexpectedly, when I once decided to try bouldering with my friends. In the beginning I was rather afraid, since I was always scared by heights, however the fear decreased with each further session and eventually I even rock-climbed. I also entered the Youth Parliament through my friend, who was already a member. He invited me to a primary meeting held in Ostrava.

Since childhood I have loved winter, show and mountains. It was therefore no surprise that I chose snowboarding as my sports activity. In terms of skill development, I chose the study of Chinese basics, because I appreciate the specific nature of its spoken and written form. Although the language is really difficult and requires extensive amounts of time, I would like to continue learning it in the future, because without practice the language would soon be forgotten.

During the DofE programme I had to overcome myself, mostly during the expeditions that made me discover my own limits. Not giving up in those hard times taught much about team work and about the importance of finishing tasks.

I believe that if one really wants and has sufficient motivation, anything can be achieved. Sometimes it might require more effort, but it is certainly worth it. I am truly pleased and honoured that I will be getting my gold award certificate from a member of the Royal family.

Tereza was awarded her gold DofE certificate directly by Prince Philippe in Buckingham Palace in May 2016, as part of the 60th DofE Anniversary. You can watch her experience in this video.



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