Are you looking for a challenge that can be met? Do you want to improve in what you enjoy and also get a certificate that will be suitable for your future studies and career? Try DofE! It is for everyone between the ages of 14 and 24.

What will it bring me?

  • you will improve in the things you enjoy
  • you will find time to help others
  • you will gain outdoor skills
  • you will receive an internationally recognized certificate

Get involved in CSR activities that connect the young generation, companies and the protection of our planet

DofE is the world's foremost non-formal education programme, founded 65 years ago by Prince Philip. It is open to all young people aged between 13 and 24. Through the DofE, participants strengthen their stamina, independence, diligence, skills, physical fitness, responsibility and develop character. Graduates of the programme are awarded an internationally recognised certificate that will help them, for example, in entrance exams and interviews.

We have been operating in the country for 26 years and currently deliver DofE in over 260 educational institutions across the country. These include primary and secondary schools, universities, youth centres, non-profit organisations and children's homes. 

How can you support the programme?

Donate to the young people directly at

The amount of the donation is up to you. We will be happy for any contribution. For every CZK 10,000 or more, we will plant a tree with your name on it in the spring of 2022. Our goal is to plant 100 trees to create Prince Philip Alley! 🖤

Set up your own donation challengehelp young people and work on yourself at the same time. How?

At the bottom right of the page you will find the option to set up a donation appeal. It's up to you which challenge you choose and how much you decide to raise for the young people. 

What kind of challenge can I do? 

  • Do 100 push-ups/squats/stands
  • Run 100 kilometres/run 100 minutes 
  • Read 100 books 
  • Sew 100 scarves 
  • Spend 100 minutes helping the elderly 
  • Spend 100 minutes with animals at the shelter 
  • Deliver 100 lunches to the needy
  • Clean up 100 pieces of trash


By donating to DofE 

  • enable all young people, regardless of their background, to take the plunge into DofE and start working on themselves

  • disadvantaged young people from across the social spectrum from all parts of the country to join the programme too

  • support the training and development of teachers who mentor young people in their own time 

  • enable us to expand the programme to other schools and institutions across the Czech Republic