DofE is a programme for young people, which was founded 65 years ago by Prince Philip. Thanks to him, young people regularly engage in three areas: Physical Recreation, Skill, Volunteering. They'll finish by going on a multi-day Adventurous Journey with their friends. At the end of the DofE Journey, they will receive an internationally recognized certificate.

Our founder would have celebrated his 100th birthday on June 10. We feel it is our definite duty to spread his message to as many people as possible and to involve as many young people as possible in the programme!

We are announcing the #dofe100 challenge! 

This challenge is meant for everyone - the young people, DofE participants or non-participants, their leaders, teachers, and company employees. By participating in the challenge, you will try out how the DofE programme works, and in addition:

  • you will allow all young participants of all sorts to dive deep into DofE and start working on themselves 
  • involve disadvantaged young people from across the social spectrum from all corners of the Czech Republic 
  • you will support the education and growth of teachers who mentor young people in their spare time 
  • you will allow us to expand the programme to other schools and institutions throughout the Czech Republic and spread positive energy and a new way of teaching 


How do I participate in the challenge? You have two options:


Create your donation call on

Set any goal containing the number one hundred - read a hundred books, do a hundred push-ups, learn a hundred foreign words, ride a hundred km on a bicycle, swim a hundred km, sew a hundred face masks, help the elderly for a hundred minutes, distribute a hundred lunches to the ones in need - there is no limit to your imagination! 

What should be the minimum value of the donation call? 

It's up to you. We would be happy for any contribution that will help us offer the programme to as many young people as possible from all social spheres.  

For the brave ones: for every 10 000 CZK we will plant a tree in honour of Prince Philip's legacy involving working with young people. The result will be the first tree alley of Prince Philip in the Czech Republic! 🖤  


Donate directly to young people

Young people need us more than ever before, support their reboot with any financial amount directly at 

How will your donations help? 

  • 100 CZK - a symbolic gift that comes with a good feeling that you have supported the young generation
  • 300 CZK - you will allow one participant to start developing their skill
  • 500 CZK you will allow one teacher to participate in a training, become a mentor and therefore get their school involved in DofE 
  • 1 000 CZK will allow the purchase of outdoor equipment for Adventurous Journey for a participant from a children's home
  • 10 000 CZK together with young people we will plant a tree with your name in honor of Prince Philip. The result will be the first tree alley of Prince Philip in the Czech Republic. And so we will fulfill the next legacy of Prince Philip - protecting nature and our planet!