DofE Fund

DofE Fund

The mission of the DofE programme is to provide all young people with the opportunity to spend their free time doing something meaningful and supporting them on their journey to independence, self-confidence, future employment, and social well-being. That is why we offer financial support to Leaders (including teachers and evaluators of expeditions), participants and Local Centres that offer our programme.

The DofE Social Fund is intended to support participants, Award Leaders (including trainers and Adventurous Journey assessors) and Award Centres, so that they enable all young people to engage in all DofE activities.

The time to apply for a financial contribution from the DofE Fund is usually twice a year (in spring and in autumn). Local Centres are notified before a new call to apply to the fund is made. The use of the obtained funds does not have to be documented through tax documents, but we recommend documenting them by other means, such as through photographs and through the stories of young people, which the DofE National Centre can publish.

Detailed rules for receiving a financial contribution from the Fund can be found in this document.

I have been supported

The conclusions of the Appeal 2/2019 are available in this document.

Send the final reports to your Regional Manager according to the terms of the contract. Find the contact here.


I want to apply for a financial support

The Spring Open Call has been closed. The next opportunity to apply to the DofE Fund will open in autumn 2021.

The new Appeal will start soon and you can find information about application at this page.


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