For educators

For educators

The Duke of  Edinburgh's International Award Czech Republic (DofE) is an educational programme that supports young people in long-term development in more than 130 countries around the world. DofE strives to give everyone a chance to be #WorldReadythus ready for  the challenges of the modern world.

The programme is for anyone between the ages of 14 until :24 and is based on non-formal education by the means of learning by experience. In the Czech Republic, more than 230 institutions and more than 5000 pupils and students are taking part.

Who can provide DofE?

The programme can be provided by any elementary or high school, university, non-profit organisation, children's home or any other organisation working with the youth.

What does DofE offer?

How to get involved?

You can also provide DofE at your school or youth organisation. Contact your region manager for more information:

  • get familiar with the programme and  contact your regional manager
  • select suitable people and register them for the DofE training accredited by the Ministry of Education
  • together we will introduce the programme in your institution and help with the recruitment of participants
  • you can start with DofE

Institutions that participate in DofE pay an annual fee for the DofE realization and development, the price depends on the type of organization:

  • Non-profit organizations, children's homes: Free
  • Youth and leisure centers: CZK 4,500
  • State elementary and high schools: CZK 9,500
  • Private schools: CZK 17,000
  • International schools: CZK 35,000

The fee is always paid for a particular school year. In the case your institution is not able to receive financial support for DofE from your establisher or any other partner organisation (the most common way are the memoranda with regions and towns or private subjects), you can try out the programme during the first year for free, so you can discover the benefits DofE has for your school. For more information, contact your regional manager (you can find them in the Contact section).

Who has already joined

More than 230 schools and institutions in the Czech Republic are already involved in the DofE program.

Institutions involved

1st Prague Scouting Group

Non-profit organization

AC Sparta Praha



Non-profit organization

Anglicko-české gymnázium AMAZON

High school

Anglo-německá obchodní akademie

High school

Arcibiskupské gymnázium

High school

DDM Ulita

Children and Youth centre + Leisure centre

Dino-High School

High school

Do you want to provide DofE?

Your school or youth organisation can provide the DofE programme. Contact us – we will gladly explain everything. If you have enough information already, you can sign in for basic and Adventurous Journey training. In case you have finished or are preparing for the training, you can fill out the Participation Request form and speed up the process of starting the programme.

The DofE Award is supported by well-known Czech personalities

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“In today’s world of unlimited possibilities, DofE helps young people to choose from them and practice it regularly.”

Marek Eben

Actor, TV host, composer, writer and singer.


“DofE helps young people fulfill the goals that they have set and exceed the limits. It motivates even those that, under other circumstances, wouldn’t have enough motivation to fulfill their goals.”

Zdeněk Piškula



“I appreciate that my brother and I can be the patrons of the DofE programme. The programme helps young people overcome their fear and worries of failing.”

Martina Ptáčková

Eight-time world champion in martial arts

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View photos from DofE events, including ceremonies.

DofE Fund

DofE Fund

Get financial support for Adventurous Journeys, participants' activities, and further education.

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Find out when the DofE ceremony is taking place, register yourself and your institution for the ceremony.

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DofE App

DofE App

Online Record Book is an application for recording and checking DofE activities of participants. In the Virtual Training Center, you can find methodological materials, instructions and more information.