ORB newsORB news

ORB is continuously being improved so that the Leaders from all over the world can use it more easily. Apart from the small improvements, we bring you 3 main news. We hope it will help you to get oriented better in the activity...

Cooperation with HuskyCooperation with Husky

We are pleased to announce our cooperation with Husky, Czech producer of high quality outdoor equipment. Their products are ideal for your DOFE expeditions or your private expeditions.  

    Process of remission of the entrance fee for the ORB appProcess of remission of the entrance fee for the ORB app

    As well as the International Award Foundation (IAF), the DOFE in the Czech Republic strives to become available for every young person regardless their background. Our strategy is to allow young people from any social environme...

    ORB updateORB update

    We strive to improve the DOFE programmme for our participants and you, our DOFE leaders. Therefore, in August 2020, new features and enhancements which are described below will be introduced in the ORB. We hope you enjoy it! If you have an...