A camp for autistic children with original DofE presentation

A camp for autistic children with original DofE presentation

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13. August 2014

The Těrlicko children’s home, an experienced DofE Award Unit, together with the Adam Havířov foundation prepared a summer camp for autistic children, which is in progress now. As part of the camp there are activities to get to know the DofE Award.

Between the 4th and 8th of August the Těrlicko children’s home and the civic association Adam Havířov (under the auspices of the psychologist Přemysl Mikoláš) put together the summer suburban camp for children with the autistic spectrum disorders. The event was co-organized by Libuška Gelnarová, an experienced DofE Award Leader.

To promote the DofE programme, the Těrlicko children’s home prepared a rope park, thanks to which the children and their assistants enjoy a lot of fun and have an opportunity to learn about the DofE. The older kids and assistants, showed interest in the DofE, just like many others who attended the event. The rope park is close to the Těrlicko dam, next to which there is a tourist trail, therefore even people passing randomly found out about the DofE Award.

The event was so far accompanied by beautiful weather. The second part of the camp is going right now for the whole week. Even you can join between the 11th and 15th of August. The DofE Award will be, yet again, part of the action and getting to know it you can enjoy some good rope obstacles and attractions. 

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