Almost 50 youngsters increased numbers of DofE Awardees last week

Almost 50 youngsters increased numbers of DofE Awardees last week


17. June 2015

Almost fifty young people received The Duke of Edinburgh´s Award last Friday. At the official ceremony were honored not only students from all over the country, but also youngsters from orphanages. They earned the prestigious Awards by their sport achievements, patient skills development, diverse volunteering within service activities and surviving an adventurous expedition.

Silver and Bronze Award Ceremony was held in 12th June 2015 at ZOOM, room with beautiful view over Prague in the Prague Congress Centre. Silver Awardees received their certificate from one of the top Czech Fashion Designer Klára Nademlýnská and Lucie Leišová, second youngest European women, who defeated Gibraltar straight.

The Bronze Awards were presented by Miroslav Anger, long term associate Friends of DofE and enthusiastic piper in The Rebel Pipers altogether with Dominika Kouřilová, successful Gold DofE Award holder.

During the ceremony two representatives from the Awardees Jakub Štenc and Tereza Entlerová presented their speach.  A musical performance by Silver Awardee Mark Allan Falk filled in with the festive atmosphere of the ceremony. In total almost 50 youngsters were Awarded including those from orphanages and youth offenders institutions. The event was supported by Zátiší Catering Group, a.s.

All the photos from this event can be found on our Facebook page, where they can easily be shared and liked.

Please note that high quality pictures can be downloaded from our website.

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