Almost 80 km in 4 days – that was the adventurous journey of the English College in Prague

Almost 80 km in 4 days – that was the adventurous journey of the English College in Prague

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30. September 2013

In the second half of September, the English College in Prague – Anglické gymnázium organised the first Gold adventurous journey of the DofE Award. Its participants covered nearly 80 kilometres using three means of transport – canoeing, in-line skating and walking. This is a great example of adventurous journey. Compliments go to the entire team and the assessor of the adventurous journey.

The adventurous journey called Expedition Soumar/Packhorse 2013 was successfully completed by David Špringl, Bára Hořejší, Jakub Pokorný, Roman Xia and Marek Hubbell on 23 September. They crossed 27.5 km on canoes on the river Vltava (Soumarský Most-Nová Pec), 17 km on in-line skates (Nová Pec-Stožec) and 35 km on foot (Nová Pec - Nové Údolí - Stožec - Soumarský Most). Together, this means 79.5 km of self-propelled journey!

Naturally, the five young people were entirely self-sufficient during the entire journey, carrying all food and tents on their backs. They were not discouraged by cold nights either.

We congratulate the expedition team and the assessor, Vláďa Gavriněv. Great job!

See the pictures from this season's DofE Award Adventurous Journeys in the Czech Republic in the following photo gallery.

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