Annual meeting of the DofE Alumni Club

Annual meeting of the DofE Alumni Club


10. September 2015

The DofE Alumni enjoyed a beautiful, enriching and active day in Poděbrady on 5 September. During the annual meeting of the DofE Alumni Club, they also celebrated the 15th anniversary of the DofE Award in DDM Poděbrady.

The National Office of the DofE Award could not miss this exceptional day. It was represented by Executive Director Tomáš Vokáč, Development Manager Zuzana Blahutová and PR and Communication Specialist Kristýna Valeš Syslová. The day was packed with action. It started with a presentation of the activities of the DofE Alumni Club and its plans for the future. Then all of the alumni volunteered, made a short adventurous journey and learned a new skill.

A walk along the river Elbe was used for voluntarily physical and service activity including gathering a large amount of litter. “This activity, which may seem boring, turned into a contest for the largest amount and diversity of the litter collected. The event was rounded off with tasting the Poděbradka mineral water, which tasted much better than it smelled,” sad Anna Mikolášová, a member of the DofE Alumni Club. The alumni remained active after lunch, learning a new skill during a sushi making lecture. They learned to prepare Japanese and Californian maki. The instructor praised them, saying that they were the best group he ever had. Well, this is no wonder as them being members of DofE Alumni Club.

You can see the great atmosphere of the day here.

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