British Embassy filled with supporters of the DofE Award

British Embassy filled with supporters of the DofE Award


7. February 2013

On 6 February, at the British Embassy there was introduced the new look of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. The event was attended by the representatives of the current providers of the programme and of organisations that are interested in providing the programme in future. By their presence, the programme was supported by Her Excellency Sian MacLeod, British Ambassador to the Czech Republic, and Michal Urban, Director of the Youth Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

The event started at 2 p.m. and was attended by nearly fifty people. For the representatives of the schools and children's homes where the programme has already been active, the event was mainly an opportunity to meet other providers of the programme and get to know more about the new visual identity and the vision of the foundation. For newly contacted organisations, it was mostly the first encounter with the programme.

First, Executive Director Ondřej Lochman introduced the programme and the members of the foundation that sponsors this educational programme in the Czech Republic and that, from February, will provide more support to the local centres of the programme than in the past. The presentation was jointed also by Deputy Head of Mission Tim Voase, who is an alumnus of the programme. Half in Czech and half in English, he talked about his experiences in the programme: "I participated in the programme twenty years ago and it brought me so much. For example the couple of days I spent at an expedition in Scotland in the rain taught me to rely on myself and constantly follow my goals." A nice surprise was the announcement that for its relaunch, the programme has obtained the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

After forty minutes there was space for questions of the participants, who could also answer the questions among themselves as many of the participants have many years of experience with the programme. A free discussion continued also with English tea and cookies and many questions were posed and answered in this relaxed atmosphere. Some of the participants in the programme spoke also with British Ambassador Sian MacLeod.

There was also presented an offering of the programme's new training events, new website, Facebook page, which will be appreciated in particular by the young participants in the programme, a Youtube channel, on which you can already find interesting videos about the programme, adventurous expeditions and other sections of the programme.

Click here for the photo gallery from the event.

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