Do not be afraid of new challenges, says the DofE patron Zuzana Bahulová

Do not be afraid of new challenges, says the DofE patron Zuzana Bahulová


23. June 2016

Zuzana Bahulová has recently became a DofE patron. Read more on why DofE is worth it or on designing rowing jerseys in the following interview.

Zuzana, can you please explain to our readers what made you decide to support the DofE programme?

Why I support DofE? Extracurricular activities have helped me a lot in my life, namely sports and drawing. However, all extracurricular activities I ever did proved to be very useful in the end. That’s why DofE is definitely worth it. I also feel obliged to share my experience with young people, since I was also helped a lot. DofE is one of the programmes that can really help young people.

What do you like most about the DofE?

I really like the well-rounded complexity of developing talents and sports at the same time. The factor of support is also crucial. I appreciate that when young people don’t have sufficient levels of support at home, DofE can substitute this.

Why do you think young people should join the programme?

Apart from the things I already mentioned it is also important to say that if the participants decide to apply for foreign universities or scholarships, or to apply for their dream jobs, having the certificate is likely to help them. That is given by the prestige of the programme, which will certainly enrich their portfolio.

Can you guess what activities you would choose if you were to join the DofE Award?

I cannot play any musical instruments, so learning to play something would be the clear choice for me. I would also like to improve my foreign language skills.

Now for a more complicated question: DofE is about conquering challenges and achieving goals. Can you say what was the largest goal or challenge you have achieved so far?

I don’t think I can be so simplistic; every day brings something. When I was still competing, even standing on the start and not being afraid of my rivals was tough. When I first went abroad, where I later completed several internships, I perceived it as a challenge just to sit on the airplane, not knowing what will happen. There are challenges to conquer every day, sometimes you only fear them more than at other times.

Is there on the other hand any challenge that you have not started yet, but would like to do so?

Perhaps creating my own puppet animated film. I never tried puppets before, but it is in fact a way of animating that combines sculpture with animation as such. It is therefore my challenge to create a puppet film.

You designed rowing jerseys for several representation teams for the London Olympics. How is it now with the Olympics in Rio?

Indeed, I am designing for the German rowing team. In Germany, rowing is very popular. 

And what about the Czech representation?

I designed jerseys for the Czech skiff representation, which is their private collection. But designing jerseys for the whole national team, that would be incredibly prestigious, I would be very proud to do it.

Our readers probably don’t encounter jersey designer every day. Can you please reveal how much time it takes to design one?

Given my practical experience from rowing and the fact that I am a rowing referee, it is relatively fast and easy, because I only combine what I enjoy.

The last question – do you have any message for the DofE participants?

I would tell all participants not to fear any challenges and to push their limits further. 

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