DofE Award celebrates 20 years in the Czech Republic full of ambitions

DofE Award celebrates 20 years in the Czech Republic full of ambitions


22. April 2015

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (DofE Award) celebrates its 20 years in the Czech Republic this year. In 1995, after a pilot project, the DofE Award started expanding in this country. Since then, thousands of young people have participated in the DofE Award in the Czech Republic in dozens of organisations, from elementary and secondary schools, leisure time centres to non-profit organisations and children’s homes.

Just in 2014, over 1,000 young people took part in the DofE Award in the Czech Republic, helped on their way to the prestigious award by more than 300 volunteer leaders. The DofE Award is now being offered to young people in nearly 80 organisations.

 “In 2015 we expect the number of licensed organisations to increase to 100 and more than 1,500 young people to take part in the DofE Award. We intend to increase these numbers in the coming years. We believe the DofE Award will gradually grow in the Czech Republic to 30,000 participants every year,” says Jiří Zrůst, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the DofE Award Czech Republic.

Evidence that this is possible can be seen in the United Kingdom, where 300,000 young people take part in the DofE Award every year, which is roughly four per cent of the population in the relevant age group. The DofE Award has a long tradition in the United Kingdom and the support of the Royal Family. For example, Catherine (also known as Kate), Duchess of Cambridge, is a DofE Award holder.

Next year will mark 60 years from the founding of this prestigious award for young people by the husband of the British Queen, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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