DofE Participant becomes the second youngest European to cross the strait of Gibraltar

DofE Participant becomes the second youngest European to cross the strait of Gibraltar

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5. July 2014

Lucie Leišová, being merely 18 years old, fulfilled her dream of crossing the Strait of Gibraltar today. She conquered the 25,5 km long swim early this afternoon. This great feat made her the fourth and youngest Czech to successfully get to the other side, as well as the second youngest European. The young swimmer was supported in her conviction by the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DofE), which helps young people stay motivated, fulfill their own goals and overcome life's challenges.

It was already on the 24th of July that Lucie Leišová left for her swimmer's dream. She then prepared for her feat diligently in the Mediterranean, swimming in the sea and pool daily and awaiting the right moment for her attempt. She began the swim this morning, and managed to arrive at the other side with her accompanying team soon after noon. In that time, she crossed the 15km Strait, a journey made into 25,5km due to sea currents and other forces.

“I'm very glad, that I made it. It wasn't easy, but I believed that I could conquer the Strait of Gibraltar and thus fulfill my sports dream. The conditions changed dramatically in the middle, due to weather and waves, but I managed it. I'm proud that I can place myself among the four other Czechs who swam a crossed. I'm certain that if you really want something and you dedicate yourself to it, there isn't anything that you couldn't do.” says Lucie Leišová.

The inspiration for such high aspirations came to the young student thanks to the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, which she joined at the beginning of this year. Within the programme, where young people push their boundaries, Lucie chose crossing the Strait of Gibraltar as her own goal.

The DofE and the Central Bohemian region also helped meet the financial needs of her sporting achievement. Anyway, the main part of the price was covered by the student alone.

Apart from her sporting achievements, Lucie is also successful in other areas – she became a member of the Czech and international Mensa at 15 years old. Her dream is to study law at a University in the US and she would like to create her own swimming school in the future, helping expose this sport to the wider public.

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