DofE participants’ trips to Lithuania and Slovenia enabled by financial support

DofE participants’ trips to Lithuania and Slovenia enabled by financial support


21. April 2015

More than eighty young people who are not afraid of big goals and are participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DofE) can look forward to financial support of their DofE Activities. Through the DofE Award Fund, which received contributions from the Macquarie Group Foundation and the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC), the National Office will send them support in the total value of CZK 128,440. The DofE Award Fund helps make the DofE Award available to all young people, irrespective of their financial situation, including those from children’s homes.

Since the DofE Award Fund was launched in 2013, it has contributed over CZK 200,000 to DofE participants. This year, young people from Oslavany will use the financial support to participate in an international expedition to Lithuania, DofE participants from Lomnice nad Popelkou will be able to prepare a guide of the Jablonec area and a student from České Budějovice will go on a trip to Slovenia, where he will help in the reconstruction of a memorial to Czech soldiers as part of his research project focusing on the First World War.

This year, for the first time DofE leaders from the participating organisations could apply not only for financial support for DofE participants, but also for contributions for purchasing expedition equipment that will be lent to young people going on DofE expeditions. This possibility has ben widely used. Thanks to the support, new equipment will be bought also by the Children’s Home with School in Veselíčko or the Ano, Ano benevolent society, which works with young people from several children’s homes.

The complete results of this round of grant awards by the DofE Award Fund can be found here. In the coming days, the contact persons of the supported organisations will be contacted by a DofE coordinator in respect of the detailed results and further steps.

Next time the organisations participating in the DofE Award will be able to apply for financial support for their DofE participants will be in autumn 2015.

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