Doing what one enjoys is the best that can ever happen, says the DofE patron Klára Nademlýnská.

Doing what one enjoys is the best that can ever happen, says the DofE patron Klára Nademlýnská.


4. July 2016

The fashion designer Klára Nademlýnská is one of the new DofE patrons. This interview reveals why she decided to support DofE and what she regards as the biggest challenge she ever accomplished.

Klara, what was it that made you decide to support DofE?

The decision was based on my appreciation of young people’s activities; I am happy to support them in doing what they enjoy. It is important that young people try out more things to discover what they find enjoyable and fulfilling, which is the most important thing. I am myself a mother of a fifteen years old son, so I know this from my own experience. Doing what one enjoys and perhaps also making a living of it one days is the best that can happen.

Can you say what you like the most about DofE?

It is mostly the support. Young people might sometimes not be sure what to choose, or sometimes they might need a little encouragement. That’s how the programme can push them not to be afraid and to continue.

DofE is about challenging oneself. Can you point out the biggest challenge you have ever accomplished?

It is certainly the fact that my job consists of doing what I enjoy, which also fulfilled my dream from when I was 13. The biggest challenge was when me and my husband-at-the-time decide to leave for France when I was just 18. We had to start completely anew in the new country. Once you manage to overcome all the barriers at the beginning, it makes you stronger in doing what you really want.

Is there on the other hand any challenge that you have not started yet, but would like to do so?

Just having myself and my business to take care of is a permanent, never ending, challenge. To make everything work as it should, to ensure it is still motivational and enjoyable, to make oneself feel the same as at the very beginning. All of that is such a long term challenge for me – mostly to maintain that feeling I had when I just started.

The last question – do you have any message for the DofE participants?

To keep doing what they enjoy and when they perhaps sometimes doubt their abilities or activities, to overcome this and to continue.


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