IGE 2017 Czech Republic: Experience. Influence. Lead

IGE 2017 Czech Republic: Experience. Influence. Lead


5. October 2017

The International Gold Event, which is a prestigious global leadership programme with an impressive 50-year tradition, takes place in the Czech Republic this year. Registration for the participants was open to all nationalities and therefore we are expecting 100 DofE participants from around the world.

This year´s topic, „Engaging a younger generation in our sustainable future”, is focused mainly on the newest generation of decision-makers and influencers who will help to shape and deliver the Award worldwide and who will also be responsible for the sustainability of the social and cultural environment in the future. The main aim of the project is to provide young people with the skills to help improve the lives of others through their participation in the Award. 

IGE 2017 In numbers

  • 1 venue for all delegates
  • 6 inspiring and demanding days
  • 2 host countries
  • 100 participants from around the world
  • 10 Czech and Slovak team members
  • 30 volunteers
  • 1000 liters of coffee :-)

Field visits

There will be 10 international teams that will work on different projects during their field visits in different places within the Czech Republic and Slovakia, that are somehow related to our sustainable future or where will they meet organizations bonded to this topic. Each field visit will include activities such as welcome talk and tour, discussions, active participation and review of the activities, etc. The objective of a field visit will be to come up with a unique project closely connected to the participation of visited organizations on sustainable activities.

There will be 10 topics for 10 teams to work on:

I have an idea – Everyone knows what a start-up is - they focus on innovative ideas to improve people’s lives. During this field visit our participants will meet different start-up founders and entrepreneurs and discuss with them the sustainable aspects of what they do and create.

I´ve got a chance – Many of us don´t know what it is like to have a supportive background. During this visit, delegates will have the opportunity to meet staff and children at risk to discuss their practices and participate in their activities.

Believe in yourself – Delegates will visit children and youngsters in special care homes for the ones without family or anyone who could raise them. The main activities will include meeting them, talking to them and motivating them to work on their personal development in spite of difficulties they may experience

Strenght in diversity – During this field visit, the attendees will focus mainly on learning about the different backgrounds of people visiting centers focused on social inclusion. They will go through several discussions, presentations, and workshops to better understand the issue.

Let’s overcome barriers – Within this topic, which is strongly bonded to social inclusion of people with disabilities, delegates will have an opportunity to listen to the experience and challenges faced by clients of the institution and will be given an insight into life in a wheelchair.

Use your opportunity – With the cooperation of Člověk v tísni, a humanitarian organization, our participants will interact with socially excluded youngsters and talk to them about “how to get on track” again.

Companies, be responsible – Nowadays, people very much care about where the products come from, how are they being made and whether the production doesn´t collide with human rights and environment. Our delegates will learn here about the corporate social responsibility of companies and how does it exactly work.

Move your body – This topic and field visit will be strongly bonded to the fact that many children and young people spend their free time in front of screens and electronic devices in general. The attendees will visit a famous Czech football club and discuss the importance of spending time outside and doing sports.

Make your dreams come true - How can formal education institutions be engaged in non-formal education, to promote its benefits and ensure inclusion of all young people? That´s the main objective of this field visit where our delegates will meet teachers that participate in special programmes focused on creating a new generation of inspiring young people.

Take the initiative, be a leader – during this field visit our participants will be focused on platforms providing tools for boosting one´s personal development.

Each team will work on an individual project that will be presented 30th October 2017 during the Emerging Leaders’ Forum that will take place in Prague. The authors of the most interesting ideas will be awarded during the ceremony.

In case you are looking for more information you can download our handbook. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, DofE Czech Republic Instagram, Instagram IGEprague, Twitter and Linkedin

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