International Adventurous Journey has been conquered

International Adventurous Journey has been conquered


12. September 2013

In September, four DofE Award candidates got the opportunity to complete their Gold expedition in Ireland. And they succeeded. The expedition was held in Wicklow Mountains, which is a mountain range south of Dublin. The participants weren’t only Czech, but also Irish, Slovenian and Latvian. The experience is narrated by the participants themselves.

One of the parcicipants was Lucie Krumpholcová from the Open Gate school, she narrated the trip as follows:

„Before the expedition, we got together as a team, comprising of various nationalities, and layed out detailed plans, so nothing waiting in the hills could surprise us. We prepared all our equipment, planned the route, packed mounds of food and we were ready to set out. The hills were steep, but beautiful, just like the view from their tops. Everything was perfect, until we found out that a part of Irish beauty is Irish weather. After the first day, neither of us had dry clothes and the joy was changing into dry clothes in camp, turned into the need to carry even more wet and heavy clothes on our back. Even through all hardships, which befell us, most of us successfully completed the expedition. After returning to the hostel in Dublin, we found out more about the Irish culture thanks to a visit in the Guinness manufacturing hall and a presentation prepared by the members of the Irish team. Similarly, we were shown the Latvian dance, tasted Slovenian delicacies and presented the Czech Republic to others. It was one of the experiences, which aren’t easily forgotten and which not only taught us much about other cultures, but which also helped us find great friends”

Other participants were Vendy Chytilová, Bětka Kastelíková and Štěpán Ševčík, which are involved in the DofE Award in the Všetuly - Tymy sports and leisure centre. Although the Czech participants of the programme arrived together (accompanied by Eliška Zelendová, programme coordinator), the expedition itself was completed in different teams, each comprised of 4-7 members from different countries, which guaranteed that each person came home with a different set of experiences.

Štěpán summarizes the expedition as follows:

”Altogether we hiked something like 100 kilometres and climbed like 20 mountain peaks in four days. At the end of the expedition we really appreciated small things of our usual life like warm shower, good food and dry bed and we became grateful for them. The places we visited, people we met and experience we gained is something that we will remember forever.

Projects like this expedition are getting prepared by DofE Award organisations and Alumni Clubs all around the world so we can look forward to the next summer’s opportunities. 

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