Thank you all for joining the Award´s 2015 National Event!

Thank you all for joining the Award´s 2015 National Event!


23. October 2015

The 2015 National Event proves a success. Thanks to everyone for participating The 2015 National Event of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award was held last weekend. The two days were packed with experiences, interesting personalities, workshops and getting to know other colleagues. The event took place on 16 and 17 October at the Semerink Hotel in the beautiful Jizerské Mountains and was attended by over fifty Award volunteers and young people from the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The participants could join in many interesting activities and hear talks by inspiring people. Everyone was welcomed by Tomáš Vokáč, Executive Director, of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in the Czech Republic and by Melek De-Wint, Regional Director, EMAS at The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation. The event included workshops in the Award´s spirit, with not a minute of time wasted.

One of the workshops provided advice and tips on how to lead participants efficiently. Another workshop was led by one of our great guests, Tomáš Princ, the author of the Humans of Prague blog, who showed everyone how to create a picture and add a story to it. Afterwards there was announced the Facebook contest Humans of DofE, whose rules can be found here. The National Office provided workshops on news in trainings and administration of the DofE Award and presented its new mobile application, which will be rolled out soon. Participants also played interactive games and tried out new skills.

Czech Award patron Petr Mikšíček, documentary film-maker and culturologist, recorded the event so you will be able to see his video soon. The participants were gripped by the stories of Markéta “Peggy” Marvanová, Gold Award participant and ultra biker, who talked about her extraordinary completing of the longest self-supported mountain-bike race in the world, the Tour Divide, which covered 4,418 km across North America. On the second day, everyone had lots of fun during a mini adventurous journey that was led by our colleagues from the Slovak Award.

The beautiful and inspirational setting of the Semerink Hotel supported the adventurous and creative atmosphere of our meeting. We thank Svatopluk Čech, the owner of the hotel, and his entire team for a great stay!

Thank you all for being there with us! We hope you have enjoyed it as well as we have, and we are already looking forward to the 2016 National Event!

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