The Gold Expedition in Armenia has been successfully completed!

The Gold Expedition in Armenia has been successfully completed!

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14. August 2014

The Traveler’s Club by the Masaryk gymnasium in Plzeň went to Armenia for their DofE Gold Expedition, called Nairi 2014. Thanks to the expedition, the participants now have substantial part of the Gold Award requirements done. Read more about where they went and how it was.

The challenging expedition was prepared and taken by seven DofE Award Participants - Jan Vainer, Jakub Holšán, Eliška Úlehlová, Jakub Faktor, Markéta Kolářová, Vojtěch Kolář and Naďa Jírová – with the support of their Adventurous Journey Supervisor Antonín Kolář.

The expeditioners overcame 70 km while crossing the Geghama Mountain range at an average of 2500m above sea level.  The top of the expedition was the conquering of the highest mountain, an extinct volcano with a lake in the middle, sitting at 3597m above sea level. The group did not idle and conducted, among other things, a small ethnographic study of the Yazidi, the local nomads and most significant minority. The Yazidi practice a religion with elements of not only Islam, but also Zoroastrism, Jainism, Shamanism and Christianity. The expedition also visited the Christian monastery Geghard and the Garni temple and learned about their history. They visited about 40 petrographic landmarks.

The successful completion of the expedition did not mean the end of the travelling. The group continued in exploring Armenia, they crossed the Vardenis Mountain range and finally conquered the highest mountain of Armenia – Aragat, 4090m high. They explored the ancient observatory in Karahundj and mapped petrographic landmarks in Ugsatar, which are situated right at the border with Nagorno-Karabakh. The DofE participants can also say they rode in the longest cable car in the world, which winds around the Vorotan canyon. Altogether, they managed to get a detailed historical perspective about the first Christian country. Towards the end, they visited the Tatev, Noravank, Khor Virap and Arates monasteries.

The Traveler’s Club from the Masaryk gymnasium in Plzeň is preparing a blog about their rich experiences and even a movie. We will let you know about the airing of expedition Nairi 2014 on our Facebook and web pages.

“Once we are done, we are eager to meet you during one of our airings or on our blog.” Says the Award Leader and and Adventurous Journey Supervisor of the group, Antonín Kolář.

You can view the photo gallery here.

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