Young cyclist to overcome a new challenge at the Artic Circle!

Young cyclist to overcome a new challenge at the Artic Circle!


20. January 2016

Nine hundred kilometres through snowy Lapland await the young ultra-biker Markéta Peggy Marvanová (20). The youngest Czech to have completed the Great Divide Tour in the U.S. (4,418 km) is now preparing to go to the Arctic Circle to try to be the first-one-ever to finish the Lapland Extreme Challenge. She will ride a snowbike. The race starts on 20 February in Rovaniemi. Peggy will have to complete this challenge within just 30 days.

The participants have to be self-sufficient, she will her satellite tracking device. Peggy makes fun of the demanding preparations: “I have crossed the U.S. without a toothbrush, and I am not even bringing soap to the Artic Circle!” she laughs. Extreme situations are her domain. In spring 2014, she participated in the expedition of Honza Kopka in Lapland. She fell in love with the region, so she returned the next year. As she did not have a snowbike yet, she ran the 150-km-long middle distance (see the photo gallery below).

“It was not easy, but I like snow and winter. Since the preparations take up so much effort, it would be a pity to go for only a few days,” the biker says. Peggy is sure she will manage to complete the Lapland Extreme Challenge: “I already have a snowbike at home – it is awesome. I am very much looking forward to the challenge and believe I will be able to complete it.” She will face a demanding terrain and freezing temperatures of up to -40 Centigrade and not encounter civilization more than four times. You can read more here.

For Peggy, this is not just about overcoming a challenge. By her performances, she wants to help people who have not had so much luck in life and have a health handicap. This has helped her achieve a lot. In July 2015, in just 21 days, 9 hours and 10 minutes, she completed the Great Divide Tour, the longest self-supported mountain-bike race in the world. By her feat she helped raise funds for buying a special electric double-bike for Dája, a girl suffering from myopathy – a gradual weakening of muscles.

Peggy took part in the Great Divide Tour also with the support of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in the Czech Republic. Completing this race was not easy – the keen ultra biker had to overcome unstable, muddy terrain, snowy mountains, a desert, big temperature differences and a lack of food. In her newly published book A Way to Happiness (Cesta za štěstím), you can read about how she slept in the forest or public toilets and survived meeting a bear.

Her challenge in Lapland will not be easy either, but Peggy will again be driven by her desire to help. “It is the best battery!” Peggy says. You can follow the opening of her collection for handicapped children at Sport Pomáhá and Černí koně.  

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