The DOFE in the context of COVID-19:  Temporary Changes and Further Guidance

The DOFE in the context of COVID-19: Temporary Changes and Further Guidance

Global changes in the DOFE as a follow-up to COVID-19 

There is a clear need identified by all Operators to temporarily change the DOFE requirements to ensure participants can progress through the DOFE and complete during COVID-19 – whilst protecting the global integrity of the DOFE. All the temporary changes will apply until 31 July 2021.

In case that your Centre is able to deliver the DOFE without changes and in agreement with the current hygienic regulations, you can continue without changes.  In case you are not able to continue with the DOFE because of the current situation, please, read the following instructions. Their goal is to enable as many young people as possible to continue with the DOFE and finish it successfully despite the current situation.  

Extension beyond 25th birthday to enable completion

  • Until 31 July 2020, for all participants due to reach their 25th birthday who could not have finished the DOFE because of COVID-19; an extension will be applied to enable them to complete their DOFE.

Voluntary Service changes

  • Participants can still volunteer for family members as part of their DOFE activities (volunteering at home)

  • Participants can also volunteer from home, which means they can use various communication technologies as video calls with elderly people, tutor their peers on-line; produce masks or tools which help others to fight with the COVID-19 and its consequences; spread public awareness about the essential problems, etc.

  • Volunteering at home neither volunteering from home does not need to concentrate only on the activities associated with COVID-19.

Adventurous Journey temporary changes

  • Waiving the Bronze Practice Journey and/or re-assigning a previous Practice Journey as the Qualifying Journey
  • Recognizing the Silver Practice as the Bronze Qualifier
  • Recognizing the Gold Practice as the Silver Qualifier

Changes in Residential project

  • Residential project can take place virtually
  • It is possible for participants to spend a day with residential activity (in a foreign environment with foreign people), but to come home for a night. 

For more information or to discuss how these changes may affect your Operator, please contact your Regional manager. The National Centre team wants to thank you all for your support and resilience. We truly believe that we will overcome these complicated times together. 

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