Change of the fees for DOFE participants and czech DOFE trainings in 2020

Change of the fees for DOFE participants and czech DOFE trainings in 2020

Published: Aug 24, 2020

Dear Award Leaders,
due to quality increase and better availability of the DOFE programme, the fees for DOFE participants and Czech training participants will be changed as of 1/9/2020.


We decided to change the participation fees mainly due to the expansion of DOFE activities and the constant progress of the programme. As you know, we are working on the gradual digitization of the programme, we are planning development of the ORB, we provide our participants with full support during ceremonies, we create online videos and methodical materials, we invent new forms of recruiting events and more. At the same time, we hope we will motivate participants to continue with the higher levels and make DOFE challenging for them.
If the participants pass all levels, the amount of the fee does not change - the fee will always increase by 200 CZK.
In the case of completing all levels of the programme, the original amount will be reduced to 200 CZK for each subsequent level.
The participation fees will therefore be distributed as follows:

The participant pays maximum 600 CZK for all the levels. 
The participants will newly pay 1 CZK per day at a minimum length of completion of a particular DOFE level.


The goal of DOFE is to enable every young person between the ages 13-24 to participate in the programme. We realize, that the fee may be limiting for some participants, so we have reworked the system of fee waiving for participants who might benefit from it. We automatically waive fees for all participants from children's homes and correctional institutions. After consulting with your Regional Manager, the fee can be waived even for the handicapped and socially disadvantaged participants.


Czech DOFE training fees will newly be 600 CZK. Their increase occurs following significant changes, which the training has undergone since the beginning of 2020. 
English training fee remains 400 CZK per person. Contact your Regional Manager if your Centre requires training of new DOFE Leaders in English.