ORB news

ORB news

Published: Nov 10, 2020

ORB is continuously being improved so that the Leaders from all over the world can use it more easily. Apart from the small improvements, we bring you 3 main news. We hope it will help you to get oriented better in the activity of your DOFE participants. 

1. Summary of the DOFE progress on a participant’s Detail tab

Summary information of the DOFE progress will be available to see on a participant’s DOFE Detail tab. The information relates to a participant’s latest level of the DOFE.


2. Last log added included on participant lists

The time since a participant last added an activity log to their DOFE has been added to the Centre’s and Leader’s list of participants. To save space in the layout, the DOFE Level icons have been reduced to smaller squares.

3. Additional filtering on participant overviews

Options have been added for Leaders to filter participants within their Centre.