ORB application

ORB application

Online Record Book (ORB) is a system for managing DofE activities. You can use it as a mobile application or also via desktop web platform www.onlinerecordbook.org.
All data is recorded and the systems are interconnected. You can find video tutorials on how to use ORB on our YouTube channel HERE

See HERE new features and enhancements in ORB effective from 24/8/2020.


Which systems support the ORB mobile app work?

Currently, the mobile app works on Android and iOS.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

ORB also offers the option of logging in via the desktop web platform, so if you don't have a smartphone you will not use the mobile app, but web access (www.onlinerecordbook.org/).

How do I register via the app?

Award Leader:

If you are a new Award Leader, you can register using the registration form, which can be accessed from https://www.onlinerecordbook.org/. The Award Coordinator of your Award Centre must then approve your registration.


If you are a new DofE participant, please register using the registration form available at https://www.onlinerecordbook.org/. The Award Coordinator of your Award Centre must then approve your registration.

If you have any questions or issues with the application, please do not hesitate to contact your Award Leader and he can then contact the relevant Regional Manager (contact information can be found here).

How does the collaboration with my Award Leader manifest on the application?

The Award Leader is able to see your activities at any time and they can let you know via the ORB system that they find something incorrect or wrong in your activity records. You will find out about that through a notification on your mobile phone. Everytime you start a new activity at any level the Award Leader must first approve that activity and the goal you have set for yourself. Likewise, the Award Leader must approve completion of the activity. The last important milestone of cooperation between the participant and the Award Leader is the approval of completion of an entire level (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

When setting up the participant's account, the incorrect email address was filled out and so the participant did not receive the registration email. What should I do?

The email address can be modified by the Award Leader in the ORB system and he can also resend the registration email.

Can I delete an inactive participant in the application?

Please do not delete inactive participants. It is enough if you just mark the account as inactive.

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