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Royal visits

Given that this educational program is sponsored by the husband of the Queen, Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh), members of the royal family support us by regular visits to the Czech Republic. And you can take part in it too.

Lady Abrahams Memorial

Lady Abrahams Memorial is one of the most prestigious annual golf events of the season. This traditional golf tournament is held in the honor of the former golf player and a great promoter of our programme in the Czech Republic.

Part of this event is a noble gala dinner which was attended in the past by figures such as Marek Eben, Jiří Bartoška and Milan Kňažko and is a great opportunity to present your gifts publicly.

The Award Ceremony

At this event successful participants of the programme receive certificates from the hands of the patrons or other important personalities including members of the Royal Family, and our most important partners. The ceremony is held at least twice a year, always on the ground of some important institutions, mostly in the British Embassy.

To get more information about the programme and about ways to support us, contact the Executive Director of our foundation:

Tomáš Vokáč

tomas.vokac@dofe.cz  |  + 420 727 843 830

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You too can help young people unreveal their potential and approach life with courage.

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