Support us

Support us

Why support DofE?

DofE is a unique global non-formal learning program based on the principle of "learning by experience", which leaves a remarkable mark on the personal development of young people aged 14 to 24 from all social classes.

Become DofE Youth Friend. Vaše podpora pomůže tisícům mladých zapojit se do programu DofE v ČR. Máme velkou ambici a provádíme systémovou změnu přístupu ke vzdělávání. Do konce roku 2021 plánujme zapojit přes 11 000 mladých, což je 1  populace 14 až 18 let.

What does DofE bring?

The DofE program has a positive effect on young people, changes their thinking and overall attitude to life. It introduces them to a world of "yes, I can do it" and "yes, I will try", which replaces a world of fears of failure. DofE strengthens key life competencies that are needed for a successful future.

What exactly do you get through support?

  • you get to know the young generation and you are part of a change in the education system
  • you support a prestigious international program that operates in 130 countries around the world
  • you develop your employees and give them the opportunity to mentor and motivate young people at DofE
  • you do meaningful CSR and devote your time and energy to volunteering that develops your organization, society and community
  • you present awards and present your corporate values at DofE events supported by the British royal family
  • you will be involved in the education and development of your future employees

How will your gifts help?

  • support for participation in the program for children from children's homes, the socially disadvantaged or the disabled
  • support for national and international adventure expeditions
  • support for the further education and development of teachers and volunteers who guide and mentor young people
  • support of foreign internships for DofE volunteers
  • material support of educational institutions involved in DofE
  • program expansion support

How to support

There are two ways you can support us:

1. Immediately with a financial gift on the
2. You will become our strategic partner of DofE Youth Friend.

A strategic partnership with DofE will allow you to bring your company's values to life. Come do with us the right things for our country and society, for your employees, their children and your customers. Contact the DofE Director directly. We look forward to meeting you and figuring out how best to support the younger generation.

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Tomáš Vokáč

Tomáš Vokáč

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