Virtual Training Centre

Virtual Training Centre

The Virtual Training Center (VTC) is a library of information for both DofE leaders and participants.

Here you will find all the necessary documents, instructions and programme rules. In addition to the possibility of downloading these documents, you can also use the YouTube channel called: "DofE instructions and tips", which will help you, for example, with ORB registration, PayPal payments, but also with Adventurous journey training.

The operation of VTC is supported by our partner, the company České Radiokomunikace a.s.

Materials for Award Leaders and Coordinators

  • General information flyer about the DofE programme
  • Schedule of the school year with DofE
  • Brochure on how DofE can work at your school
  • Request to start providing the DofE programme at your institution
  • Activities that participants can choose
  • Manual for promotion of DofE


Adventurous Journey

Retention of personal data


Adventurous Journey videotutorials

How to start a fire

How to cook in nature

How to build a tent